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Musings...randomly deliberate : )

Writer's Block: Fairest one of all
What is something you would never want to change about yourself?

My beautiful Milk Chocolate skin and my mouth! : )

Writer's Block: To auld lang syne
I like to wish my friends and family near and far a Happy New Year via, phone, email and face to face. :)
I also like to spend it quietly with my family.
I hope that you all have a grand 2010 ahead of you!

Writer's Block: Time in a bottle
Oh! I have several that I would love to see perform live!
John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday,Sarah Vaughan, Charlie "Bird" Parker and Oscar Peterson! That would be my dream concert! : )

Writer's Block: The play's the thing
What scene from a movie, book, or play would you most want to recreate in real life? Who would you play? Who would you cast in the other roles?

I have always wanted to recreate the Mad Tea Party from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".
I would be Alice and everyone in the book would remain the same. I have always wanted to see a Dormouse shoved into a teapot and other whimsical things such as that. : )

Writer's Block: Famous last words
If you were close to death, what would you choose for your last words? To whom would you want to say them?

I would tell all of my family and close friends, "Thank-you for being a part of my life and that I love them very much!"

Writer's Block: Yes, offence taken
If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

I  mos def would say something! And if they continued to do so despite what I and hopefully others have said to them I would continue to tell them that they are being insipid and ignorant!
I  cannot abide foolish thoughts. I cannot brook stupid.

Happy Bday Teaoli !!! : )
Hey there Lady and fellow Scorpio!
Have a wonderful bday on the 25th of October!

I hope that your day and year ahead is simpy fabu!


So I posted a comment...
So I posted a comment to an artist on Deviant Art the other day, at my own peril.
I do not usually comment on things be they written or drawn unless I really like them and want to support the artist or I find something about it that offends my sensibilities and idea of equality. I never use coarse language or invective nor do I ever personally attack a person by calling them an idiot for what they think. I looked at her art and the comments posted by herself and others and I found them misogynistic I told her so and asked her to lose the hate.

What it was is that she did a poster of Spock and Kirk on the bridge about to talk to each other (it is a still taken from TOS) and Lt. Uhura is in the background at her post looking in their direction.
Basically the premise of the post/art is that Uhura is foolish for thinking that Spock could EVER love her, be it in TOS or the new revamp.
The comments that followed from the artist herself and some of her supporters were not necessarily pro the idea of a romantic reltionship between Kirk and Spock but they were derogatory and hateful towards the character of Lt. Nyota Uhura. It was not to say that the commentators were in support of a gay relatiionship but they were more in favour of hating on Uhura for being a woman and being the focused love interest of Spock in the new film and "how weird" the paring of them was/is, and how it was NEVER alluded to in TOS.

I wanted to respond to the artist's respose to my comment but she blocked me.
So I decided to post it here.

My comments are in green and hers are in blue. I chose green for me because it is my favourite colour.

your comments and art are rather misogynistic in tone. :(
lose the hate

okay, I AM a woman. I don't hate women. my comments and art are in no way misogynistic. My comments and art support homosexuality and do not support weird pairings in films that don't make sense (and are not from the original series). I have no problem with women. How about you actually read/look at things in context before you jump right to judging.

I did read what you wrote and also the comments of the other readers. I never respond to things without thinking first. I stand by what I stated to you.
It is very possible for women to be misogynistic. To think it is not a reality or a possibility because one is female is just deluded thinking.
The pairing is not weird. Rodenberry actually wanted it in TOS but due to the racist times it was NOT allowed. The network guys wanted him to actually lose Lt. Uhura, they could not have a Black woman on the bridge,not unless she was cleaning it.
This is a new interpretation of the Star Trek series. May I ask what exactly is so weird about Spock loving Nyota and she loving him? Just what about it does not make sense? Also Kirk and Spock being gay for each other (to use a colloquial term)is not really apparent in the TOS. What they had was Platonic love for each other.(This is possible without men jumping in bed with each other just as it is with women) A lot of the hate that I have read regarding this paring is very sexist and often very racist. It is rather alarming to read and see it in this day and age.
Whatever homosexual leanings you interpret in the TOS is basically what you truly wish to see. Kirk was ALWAYS macking and mating with women on that show( which is not one of my favourite traits of his, but so be it).
Supporting homosexuality is fine but when you do it at the expense of heterosexuality and women... two wrongs do not make a right.
One thing that I have noticed is that the people who like/love slash (which is usually not cannon but something created by mostly female fans) say horrid things about any female character who may or may not come between two male leads. If for example if I said any of the bile and hate that is usually directed and written about and towards females characters, like some of your commentators and yourself wrote about Lt. Uhura and if I said such things about gay relationships and romance you and many others would call me homophobic and they would be right. So I ask you why can you not own up to the fact that your comments and art posted are of a misogynistic tone and flavour?
Being a woman does not excuse you from what has been stated and presented by you.
It is a kin to me stating racist things about people of other colours and thinking it is ok because I am a Black woman (I cannot be racist!). That does not cut it.
By all means support Gay rights, it is a good thing to support but something should never ever be built up or put ahead by dumping on something you do not like nor understand. That is just ignorant and hateful.
I have no problem with people wanting Kirk to be with Spock. To be honest I do not see it happening in film or professional published print. No one should take away or make fun of anyone for the paring that they like (real or imagined), but favouring one and degrading another is simply not cricket. There is room for everyone.

Always try to maintain style and substance! And curtsey while you think of something to say it saves time! : )

So there is what I wrote, for better or for worse. People can write draw and love what they love but to do so on a platform of degrading and hating on something you do not like or understand is simply foolish folly and does not hold room for growth and improvement.

Thanks for listening/reading

Ellington3 : )

Sooo... Lemme tell you something... ; )
Well today is the day after Labour Day and I am thinking sadly that summer is now almost over. 
I may feel a tad melancholy about the end of summer, but I am feeling happy and blessed. Here is why.
I have wonderful friends in my life.
I have a loving family with a wonderful mom and dad and my brothers are pretty copacetic.
My two nephews who are 6 & 2 years old are cute and a tad mental and make me laugh until I cry with their wackadoodle antics.
I have access to art, books and music.
I have my health.
I have an excellent education.
I love playing croquet and tennis.
I live in a first world country.
I have access to free health care.
I love being a Black woman it is an adventure everyday.
And I try to learn something new everyday especially from my faults and mistakes.
So in this list of random musings and blessing, some common and some not so common, I just want to give thanks for it all and for this forum call livejournal and some of the nifty and smart people that I read on here (you know who you are)!
So I give thanks for all of it and of course Chocolate because it is magically delicious and a life without Chocolate is a life not lived!  Well Chocolate and nice shoes. : )

Writer's Block: Doh!
What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?
There are far too many things to list. The question is do I regret them... no not really they taught me things about myself. : )